Tend Your Body

Childlessness can really do a number on how we view, live in, and treat our body. Tending to your body with nurturing compassion and kindness can be a path to joy.

Where do you want to focus?

  • Finding time to exercise.
  • Eating reasonably healthy food most of the time.
  • Making time to stretch your muscles and joints.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Cooking real meals with real ingredients.
  • Building and maintaining strength through weight training.
  • Trying new forms of movement.

Together we will work on as many of these topics as you choose, or some other aspect of taking care of your body. Through compassionate listening and zinger questions, I will help you articulate your own new intentions and next steps. I will provide accountability and authentic encouragement as you work towards your goals.

It’s time to develop positive practices that take care of your body for the long term!


This package includes:

One 75 minute session & five 60 minute sessions over approximately twelve weeks.

An email summarizing your intentions and next steps after every session.

A check-in email halfway between sessions.

My support via email (Mon.-Sat., 9-5 EST).

Investment: $450

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