Real Self-Care

It’s time to re-imagine what your self-care really looks like.

You are starting to live more often in the sunshine at the other end of your grief tunnel, and part of accepting your childless identity is learning to take exquisite care of yourself.

Self-care is different when you’re childless not by choice. First you have to believe that you are valuable and worth investing in, in any number of ways. Then you need to know that true self-care consists of what really nourishes you, body and soul. It’s a thoughtful balance of gentleness and discipline. It’s a commitment to your own wellness that honors who you are and who you’re becoming.

You are worthy. It’s time to take proper care of yourself and your future.


Work with me to:

  • Start shaping your life with deliberate choices.
  • Surf the waves of grief and joy with self-compassion.
  • Learn to invest in your current and future self.
  • Explore possible endings and new beginnings in career or creative ventures.
  • Take concrete steps to reduce your fears around aging without children.


This package includes:

Four 60 minute coaching sessions over approximately eight weeks.

An email summarizing your intentions and next steps after every session.

A check-in email between sessions.

My support between sessions via email (Mon.-Sat., 9-5 EST)

Investment: $300

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