It’s time for change.

Staying healthy in mind and body during midlife can be challenging.
There aren’t enough hours in the week, the menopause process wreaks havoc, and quality sleep seems unachievable.

On top of that you’re living with the repercussions of involuntary childlessness – acute or quiet grief, loss of friendships, a feeling of not fitting in anywhere, and the sense that wellness is an unachievable goal not worth trying for.

I’ve been there.

You can be fit, strong, well rested, healthily nourished and can navigate the menopause transition with resiliency, grace, and humor.
You can live a life of fulfillment, meaning, community, and joy.

When we work together, you set the agenda and choose the focus.
We will trust your strength, resiliency, and wisdom.
I provide empathetic listening, thoughtful questions, and compassionate accountability.

After working with me you will be more confident about your ability to shape your own life. You will understand more deeply that your childless identity is part of who you are but not all of who you are or can be. And you will have built a long-term habit in the area of wellness that you choose – fitness/movement, food/eating, creativity, or deep self-care, or perhaps a combination.


Tend Your Body Package

You are worth the investment of time and effort necessary to take sweet care of your body.

Six coaching sessions over twelve weeks.

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Real Self-Care Package

Remember and discover what truly nourishes you.

Four coaching sessions over eight weeks.

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Art As Soulwork Package

Access your own inner wisdom through guided meditation & creativity.

Two coaching sessions over two weeks.

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